Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Leading the daughter astray

On my daily commute, I'm listening to the audio book of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. My mother sort of recommended it to me. She read it last summer and mentioned it to me in a non-critical way. I took that as a recommendation.

The audio book is a cast recording complete with incidental music. I'm only on disc 2 and I'm already coming to the conclusion that the production values of the audio book are akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

I love a good vampire story, but I suspect The Historian doesn't qualify. It's so melodramatic and vaguely ridiculous. I'd like to be kind to the author and blame the voice actors for being hammy, but it's an unabridged production and I think the actors are genuinely trying to work with they've got. There's just no characterization, unless mentions of knee socks count.

I'll continue to listen to the book, but I've lowered my expectations accordingly.

Speaking of vampire books of dubious value that my mother read, I read the following review of Twilight on ONTD (link is to the original review):

Twilight sucks...And Not In A Good Way.

Jesus Christ on a cracker. Twilight sounds like bad fanfic! And my mother just recently spoke well of the series! I am losing faith in my mother's taste in fiction. How did Twilight get to be so big if it sucks (metaphorically) so hard?

Maybe I'm just burned out on vampire stuff. I would still recommend Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice to anyone despite Anne Rice's current batshit ways. I still love Buffy and Angel. I think I have vampire love. Maybe I just have a lower tolerance for the cheap thrill.
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