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Sarah Palin

I think that despite all shenanigans that surround McCain VP pick Sarah Palin, it's the fact she belonged the the Alaskan Independence Party in the '90's that might end up making her take herself off the ticket ABC reported about it.

I'm guessing McCain's folks did vet the whole "Troopergate" and most likely newly lawyered up Palin won't get charged.

Yes, Palin's teenager daughter is 5 months pregnant. Palin is anti sex ed and pro-abstinence-until marriage. So very ~awkward~. But the evangelicals love that she's for teaching creationism in school, so there reason to afford forgiveness.

She supported the "bridge to nowhere" and ran the indicted Sen. Ted Stevens' 527. But conservatives love that she's pro-life. And she doesn't believe in global warming! That's our kind of gal!

But being a member of a political party that has "a plank that challenges the legality of the Alaskan statehood vote as illegal and in violation of United Nations charter and international law," (ABC) and voted on whether the state should secede (NYT) might make the Republican party boil over.

With Palin, McCain gave up the experience attack. Would the republican have to give up the "I love America more than you" attack by fielding a candidate who belonged to a party that proclaimed, "Alaska First" over "Country First"?
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