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It's Wednesday and we still don't have power at home. I'm at work now. Last night, the temp was quite nice and so I slept well. I'm getting to know my cellphone much better. I used its alarm clock function to get up this morning.

However, Cliff can't sleep much without his sleep apnea machine. So, if the power is still out tonight then we'll head over to my parents' to sleep. We talked about how he needs a battery based CPAP. Actually, we've been also talking about generators. We've never had our power out for more than a day before, so we've never given the matter much thought. But this really sucks. I'm doing okay only because the weather has been nice. But if it was still like Saturday night, I'd be severely suffering too.

The kitties are doing fine, especially with the weather being nice since Sunday afternoon. They're getting fed and watered. Lulu slept with us last night. I think they were freaked out over the weekend and Monday, but I think they are recovered. Oh, and can I say that cleaning the kitty box by candlelight kinda sucks? 'Cause it does. I get mad with myself when I realize after the sun goes down that I need to deal with "output".
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