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Hurricane Ike Damage

We're on day 9 without power at home. We're at my parents' house. Cliff needs his sleep apnea machine and there is no way I could sleep in this heat and humidity. The cool front that came early this week has departed.

I took some photos with my cell phone of some of the damage that Ike wrought. The pics aren't the greatest in quality. Cliff took pictures of the damage with our camera (much better quality) for the insurance people.

This is where we lost some siding and insulation on our chimney. You can see the metal tube that connects to the fireplace.

This is a small pile of shingles I picked up from one side of the backyard. Cliff collected a pile of shingles in the front yard in a box at least 4 times as big. He scoffs at my puny pile!

I'm tired of coming to parent's house. I hope our electricity comes back soon.
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