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BSG Musings

Starbuck and Apollo can die in a fire and spare me from their shenanigans for the rest of the series, thankyouverymuch. Unfortunately, I imagine they won't be dying painfully any time soon. They pissed me off in S2, too, but they kinda redeemed their pathetic emo selves a bit. I still kinda hate Dualla a bit for the way she treated Billy, so that situation rubbed off some animosity onto Lee. So, I don't really care what happens to that marriage. I'm more pissed off for Anders. Anders is cool in my book.

Lee might be salvageable, but unless Kara has epiphany about her immaturity... Let's just say I hope Lee gets over her one day. Preferably the day Kara decides she really wants Lee. Their soap opera does not add enjoyment to BSG for me.

On to other characters...

I like Admiral Adama and sometimes like Roslin. Sometimes Roslin bothers me. When I like her, I love her. When I don't like her, I hate her a bit. But I could definitely ship Adama/Roslin. They tend to balance out each other and they are kinda cute together. On the whole, Adama gets more likeable as show continues and I wish him good things.

Tigh is interesting and I await to see how his story plays out. I have been spoiled to the 4 final cylons. So I know that Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Tory are cylons. It made their 'rebel' days interesting to watch. I also like Athena and Karl Agathon. Should be interesting when they find out Hera is alive.

My favorite character is still Baltar. I love that narcissistic bastard. He's with the Cylons now. I love the Cylon storyline, so Baltar being on the Base Star just makes me happy. I wish they'd do an episode solely on the Base Star. Unfinished Business would have been better with some Baltar and Cylons. It would have improved its status from the Worst Ep Ever category.

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