Binah (binah1013) wrote,

I finished BSG...

I've already done done some S4 BSG discussing, but it wasn't here. I stretched out my viewing as long as I could, but now I must wait like everyone else.

I still love the Cylon storyline the best, especially anything involving Baltar (despite his cult of bimbos). Baltar's trial? Glorious! I really like the how Lee Adama's story is turning out. He's a stronger character out from under his father.

I'm very curious where the "Opera House" storyline is going. I'd like to know why Roslin is having visions during jumps. I'm interested in Starbuck's mystic thing, but unlike everybody else (or so it seems), I don't and never have had a girl crush on her. Sackoff seems like an excellent actress, though. But yeah, what's up with Earth and her creepy Viper?

The big question is who is the final Cylon, I suppose. I mean, I do want to know. However, the speculation and quasi-spoiler stuff I've seen seems non-exciting. I think the only person that would get me revved up is if Baltar's Head!Six was the final Cylon. NOT BALTAR, the Internal!Six. And no one is going there with the speculation. Honestly, I want an explanation for her (and the Internal!Baltar) more than the final Cylon.

Though, on the topic of Baltar... I don't much care for the "we're all perfect" self-absolving business that Baltar's pushing and Tory is eating up with a spoon. I didn't mourn Callie all that much. I gasped, but it was almost a relief to have her whiny ass gone. Still, Tory's attitude bothers me.

What is up with Baltar's charisma to Cylons? He's bagged all the female models (except for Eight), including the one revealed female final five. He soothes the Cylon hybrid children. He does better with the ship-hybrid than the Cylons. He created a detente with Tyrol. He even gets Centurions to pay him attention. He has a frakkin' Internal!Cylon!

I've been thinking about this. The ship-hybrid isn't considered one of the 12. Could Baltar be a hybrid of some sort? He mentioned to Caprica that he couldn't understand why they were here like fleas (human models) on cat (basestar). Internal!Six could be his flea, I suppose. The ultimate stealth "ship", eh?

Another theory running through my head was that Baltar was a clone of one of the original Cylon programmers. That the Cylons reacted to his "charisma" because he programmed them to do so.

As for the final five, some of the speculation is that Ellen Tigh might be the final one. As she's dead, that would kinda suck. That leads to thoughts about the pregnant Caprica Six. Her child would be the first fully Cylon birth, right? I thought the series was building toward the concept that the hybrids would be the future. Does Caprica Six's pregnancy put an end to that?

I also wanted to note that the ship-hybrid told Starbuck the same thing as Internal!Six told Baltar. They would bring the end of humanity. (paraphrased)

For the rest of the episodes, I want answers!


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