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Little Black Kitty

I really wish that people would care for their animals. There's a little black girl kitty from what we assume is across the street. We now know she's a girl because she came up to us when we got home while she was having a miscarriage. Cliff got home before me and was caring for (and cleaning up after) her when I drove up. I grabbed a towel to cover myself and gave her the affection she was so clearly starved for. Cliff got some wet food and water. She was starved for food, too.

This poor baby is so small! I can hardly believe she's old enough to have gone into heat! My babies look like monsters compared to her. She clearly isn't feral, but she also clearly isn't fixed.

We couldn't bring her in no matter how much she wanted to. Jack would attack her. Luckily, it has warmed up. We let her stay in our garage. I googled 'feline miscarriage' and now I'm definitely taking to the vet tomorrow. Our vet is closed on Thursdays. The girl isn't acting ill, but we'd feel better about getting her checked out. I think she lost her kittens as a result of poor nutrition and the very cold weather recently. Her overtaxed system probably couldn't take it.

We can't keep her and obviously whoever she belongs to chooses not to. We'll ask the vet for reasonably close by options for her. A coworker suggested we ask the local Petsmart who they deal with.

Thoughts of this girl kitty have been plaguing me all day. I would love to keep her and show her how a kitty should be treated. I hate the thought/possibility of such a lovely baby being put to sleep so young.
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