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I took some pictures of Sasha, but it wasn't easy. She isn't a natural ham like Jack. She doesn't conveniently turn to the camera when urged. Even snapping doesn't get her attention. I had to take a lot of useless pictures to get a few decent ones.

Sasha looks sad and scared in this photo, but I assure you it didn't reflect her mood.
From Cats

Sasha can be elegant.
From Cats

Sasha eats fingers.
From Cats

She also has a very rough tongue and likes to lick the humans.
From Cats

Sasha has been licking her nipples raw. We're trying to stop that. She looks brown here. She definitely has a brown undertone or sheen when the light hits her right, but looks black most of the time. I'm not sure if that means that she's really just very dark brown or what.
From Cats

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