Binah (binah1013) wrote,

BSG Ep 4x11 Sometimes a Great Notion

Copied from an email today...

>On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 2:54 PM, Jim wrote:
>I just stared at my TV screen for FIVE minutes after 4x11 finished.

Man, I was so not expecting what Dee did. I thought she was acting strangely, but damn. I was quasi spoiled for some of it and knew Ellen was a contender for the fifth Cylon, but my money was on Gaeta after watching the webisodes. If there is some one looking for redemption, Gaeta is your boy. My hopeful pet theory was that Baltar's Head!Six was the fifth. Heh.

I had heard the final five were really old. But I didn't know Earth was a Cylon colony. Me thinks that "Cylon" has to be redefined because I don't think it means what the Fleet thinks/thought it means/meant.

I laughed when Kara was freaking out the spooky/spiritual!Leoben. When the guru/shaman/whatever takes a step back from you...dude! You're creeping out LEOBEN! And does that mean Kara is a clone? If so, who cloned her? And she's not the only one who "survived" a fatal situation. Seems strange that Baltar survived a nuclear blast and Caprica Six did not.

And nobody has told anybody anything yet. Will Tigh tell the humans about Ellen? Will his fellow final five push him to and if so, for what purpose. I noticed that Kara wasn't in a sharing mood either.

At this point, everyone is frakked up.

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