Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Wandering Where I Ought Not Go

I frequent many political blogs in my daily surf 'round the internet. Though I'm firmly a democrat, I read across the political spectrum. During the recent web blog awards, I was made aware of PUMA blog Confluence that was trying to win "Best Liberal Blog". For whatever inexplicable reason, Wonkette was also in the category. Not that Wonkette doesn't have a liberal slant, but really it's about teh snark. They refer to Obama as "Hopey" and McCain as "Walnuts" and spill much digital ink on "TRUCK NUTZ". Though, in Wonkette's defense, Truck Nutz are verra funneh.

ANYWAY, Wonkette started mocking Confluence for PUMA craziness. Of course, I had to check it out. I've checked out PUMA sites before to check out the boiling cauldron of resentment, frustration and entitlement denied. If there was a Fandom Wank for politics (any maybe Wonkette and sites like Sadly No! apply), PUMA would be the Twilight fandom and the type of wingnuts that insist on embarrassing themselves over Obama's birth certificate would be Harry Potter fandom.

I joked with a friend that I thought PUMA's were a myth before the election. I've come to find out they're real, but not in enough numbers to matter. And thank goodness for that. I have no problem with Hillary Clinton and believe she would have won, if not for Obama. There is a bit of cause in some of their sentiments.

However, these PUMA's see themselves as true feminists and see misogyny everywhere. Feminism trumps all to them. They also believe that misogyny is stronger than racism in the U.S. There *may* be truth to that sentiment, but I'd have to see a persuasive case made to that end. But supposedly, one of Obama's great sins (besides being an inadequate black male) was not stepping in to defend Clinton from misogyny in the primaries.

It escapes me why it was incumbent upon Obama to work for his rival. But even more importantly, how feminist is it to expect a man to step in on her behalf? She had surrogates. I view feminism positively and passively considered myself one though I've never joined a protest or got involved. And yes, I have worked with/for men that I've considered to be sexist. I'm not anti-feminist, but I think PUMA is using feminism (and distorting it) to justify eating their hate cake and the resulting intense bitterness.
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