Binah (binah1013) wrote,

The Wrist Weights Saga


Whatever my mother was going to get me for Xmas, it fell through. Then about 2-3 weeks or so ago, she asked me for suggestions. I told her I would like wrist weights or a good quality pedometer, but the weights were really what I wanted. So, we had lunch one Saturday and went to a close by sporting goods store. They were sold out of wrist weights. o_O My mother then decided that she'd just order some from Amazon, 'cause she wasn't in the mood to travel to all over to check various sporting goods stores.

So on Sunday, Mommie Dearest calls me and asks do I want 1lb, 2lbs, or 5lbs weights. The impression I got was that she was browsing Amazon. I tell her that 2lbs sounds good. I figure that is the end of the matter.

On Monday, Mommie Dearest e-mails me at work and says that she thinks that maybe 2lbs are really too heavy. She picked up the male parental unit's weights and the 2lbs weights felt very heavy. One pound weights sounded light to me, but she seemed so concerned and it was free to me. So I told her to get whatever she felt comfortable with.

On Tuesday, she e-mails me to say she bought me 2lbs weights. ~*eye roll*~ Okay then. Actually great, because that was what I wanted in the first place.

On Friday, my mother calls to tell me that she went by Walmart and found adjustable weights that go up to 5lbs. Also, the 2lb weights from Amazon arrived and she wanted to come by my house on Saturday and drop off both sets of weight.

On Saturday, Mommie Dearest comes by with the weights. The 2lb weights aren't 2lbs each, but in total. So really she got 1lbs weights. Not only that, the weights did not have a Velcro closure, so there were like heavy bracelets for a woman. In addition to being plump, I really do have big bones. I couldn't get them over my thumbs to my wrists. :( That sucked. But there's more!

The adjustable weights from Walmart could go from 1 to 5lbs. They had a Velcro closure. Those qualities were good. What Mommie Dearest didn't say is that they could also be leg weights and they were long/big. If I wore them on my wrists, they'd nearly go to my elbow. As petty as it is, I knew I'd never take them to work and walk with them. I suck a little bit for that. But I thanked her for the weights.

Today, I brought the 1lb weights and intend to to wear/hold them on my palms. They're not the final solution, but I will make do until I buy a proper set of 2lb weights that fit my wrist. I'll use the Walmart weights (on my legs) when I walk with Cliff in the neighborhood. So, the weights will not go to waste. Neither are what I wanted, but they were free. My mother tried and I'm going to try to honor that effort. Still, I'll admit disappointment.
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