Binah (binah1013) wrote,

News Flash: I still hate malls

My friend Kimmi's birthday was Sunday. She said she wanted some new belly button rings and I complied with that request. I went to the mall to a place called Icing for them. I'll get back to the mall in a moment.

With the crashing economy, I've noticed a definite slowing in foot traffic in some places. I had my car inspected and an oil change at the Toyota dealership. I had a coupon! Anyway, I was struck how slow the car lot was. The quick service bays were jumping and I had a long wait, but the front of the dealership felt like a lazy Tuesday afternoon.

I also went to Target and it also seemed slow for a Saturday. Then I got my nails done. Sandy, my nail tech, told me the salon was sold at a loss to a Pakistani couple. Actually, she said Indian first and then said they were from Pakistan. I commented that she shouldn't mix those nationalities up as the countries are enemies and the owners might get offended. She agreed and said she hates it when people say she's Chinese when she's Vietnamese.

Okay, back to the mall. With the aforementioned in mind, I thought a trip to the mall would be less harried. How wrong I was! The mall was crowded. And I must say I've never seen so many people (mostly young girls/women) inappropriately dressed for their body type. There's a lot of denial out there and it ain't cute.

I originally hated the mall when I was a teen because I definitely got the strong sense that mall stores had no interest in big girls. I used to walk into these shops and miserably stood by while my skinny friends shopped. Rows and rows of clothing stores with nothing for me. I still see that, but much of the clientele roaming the halls belies that basic reality. I'm guessing they squeeze themselves in the few 14-18's these shops offer. These mall stores don't want to design to big girls and shows.

So, I was buying jewelry and planned an in-and-out trip with possibly an exception for Bath and Body Works. I was accosted by sales cart people and survey people! No, I don't want your crap. I'll actually stop, if I'm interested. I've made peace with the "not for me" vibe, but now I hate the obnoxiousness of the mall experience.
Tags: economy

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