Binah (binah1013) wrote,


I watched the trailer for Termination: Salvation today. It looked good.

I want to see Termination: Salvation this summer despite a number of reasons that would normally disqualify it. I wanna see it despite recasting John Connor yet again. I wanna see it despite the fact that Christian Bale seems like a total asshole and I've never seen Dark Knight. I wanna see it despite the fact that it's yet another sequel. I wanna see it despite the fact I'm not *focused* enough the watch the TV series (though, I might later). I wanna see it despite the fact that none of the original stars are in it. I don't even know if the same people are behind it.

T3 had many of the same handicaps, yet I have to say I honestly like the movie. I guess the story concept appeals to me strongly enough and each installment has been handled well. To be honest, the absence of Schwarzenegger is not a minus in my book. I kinda wish they kept Nick Stahl, but changing the casting on Connor is almost a tradition at this point.

And yet? I'm so willing to write off the reimaged Star Trek movie.

I'm a fickle sci-fi fan.

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