Binah (binah1013) wrote,

The Perils of Penelope

Cliff just emailed me from home. He's not at work today because of contractors working on our house. Our house is covered in plastic and white dust. We're having a wall replaced due to damage from Hurricane Ike. We're also having quite a bit of the house painted.

Anyway, Cliff relayed a story about my nervous but mighty huntress, Penelope.

about a gray cat and a squirrel.....

I saw the squirrel on the fence. So did Penelope.
She went outside and jumped up at the squirrel. It leaped over the fence. She followed.
By the time I got the garage open and looked for her, they were nowhere in sight.
I walked up and down the street a little ways - still no sign.
I called her name all the way home.
As I came back into the garage, I heard a cat crying. I walked back out and called her name.
I heard it again.
She had found her way back into the garage and wanted in the house very badly.

All ended happily. But now she knows!

Penelope has never been out beyond the backyard. It must have been scary for her to realize she didn't really know where she was. Poor baby. Can't say I'm surprised, though. She just can't resist chasing bugs, lizards, squirrels, etc. That girl runs on her instincts.
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