Binah (binah1013) wrote,

BSG Finale - Initial Impressions

I cried and cried. Oh Laws yes, I cried. Mostly for Laura and Papadama, really. Some Kara and Lee. Laura, Papadama and Kara went to the Grey Havens and took their ship to the west. I don't know what else to say other than they moved me.

I bet some K/L shippers are mighty steamed. I never shipped them, but a ship denied is a bitter thing. Again, I felt for Lee. But it seems he was in a good mental place at the end despite Angel Kara disappearing. Talking of shipping, yay CANON SHIPS! Yay Baltar and Caprica Six! I love them. That part of the ending pleased me immensely. The flashbacks just made it sweeter for me. This finale was oh so sweet for the Baltar lovers.

Speaking of them, seeing the realization of the secret of the Opera House...I liked it, but the Laura and Athena aspects were not as meaningful as I thought their parts would be. Baltar and Caprica Six were appropriately mythic, but somehow I didn't think that Laura and Athena would just end up behind bulkheads. Part of me is very satisfied and part of me is thinking the writers didn't have this all planned out.

Basically, I was satisfied with the main character storylines. The Galen-Tory-Cally thing derailing resurrection didn't move me much, so on that front I'd say that it didn't really work. It's not clear to me what exactly happened with Cavil et al. I need a rewatch.

As for everybody splitting up? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Though the Baltar/Caprica moment when he brought up farming was lovely in my eyes. Still, Lee deciding that the Caprican society as a whole should end and everybody going, "OK!"? I guess it's Caprican and Cylon society taking their own ships to the west. I just don't know if I've seen enough rationale to lead me to believe that they would just disperse.

There are probably other questions I skimmed over, but that's it for now

Damn, I need a BSG and a Dr. Girlfriend icon.
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