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I had blood work done awhile back and the results got mailed to me. When I was in the hospital for my stroke, I was told that my triglycerides and blood sugar were elevated. I was put on medication (Vytorin, then Simvastatin for cholesterol, Metformin for diabetes) for both. I was also put on a blood thinner and aspirin to help prevent future strokes.

My overall cholesterol was 158. Not bad, but the only part of my cholesterol that was off was the triglycerides. Anything under 150 is considered normal. My triglycerides were 70. So yay me! My LDL and HDL were fine, with my HDL (the good cholesterol) being closer to the edge of normal (49, over 45 preferable). That kinda makes me grumble because my HDL used to be great. I guess I can blame the low carb diet for that, while I can credit it for drastically improved triglycerides.

Hmm, Wikipedia has to say this about Simvastatin. "There is no real effect on HDL and triglyceride levels." I know the doctors said prescribing a cholesterol drug was standard procedure after a stroke, but what they prescribed didn't address my cholesterol issue. Hmm. I'll have to ask my physician what's up with that. I'm discontent. I wiki'ed Metformin and "modestly reduces LDL and triglycerides." I guess I can credit the change in diet and exercise for my triglycerides 'cause more than halving them ain't "modest".

ANYWAY, what I was most happy about was A1C test. A1C tests for glucose coating the hemoglobin cells. Hemoglobin live in the body for about 3 months and therefore give a better look at my diabetes management than a regular glucose test that just tests the now. The ADA recommends diabetics to shoot for 7% or below. Non-diabetics typically have 4%-6%. My level is 5.5%! Yay!

Basically, I think I'm doing what I need to do. I should lose more weight, but at least my blood glucose and cholesterol are in control.
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