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NPR local story pisses me off, news at 11

By and large, I love NPR. It gladdens my heart to see an article on HuffPo that its audience has grown larger than ever to approximately 20 million listeners each week.

My gripe is with a local story aired this morning. The station did a piece on living with diabetes (type 2) and they interviewed a really dumb lady. She said a few intelligent things like losing weight can make one non-diabetic. But she went on to say that she needs to avoid refined sugar, but neglected to mention anything else. The reporter had to mention that diabetics need to avoid sugar and starches.

The subject of a cake was brought up, and the stupid lady said, "I could have the cake, but not the frosting." AAARRRGGG! You dumb bitch. Even if the hypothetical cake was "sugar free", you shouldn't have the cake, either! I bet she's the imbecile who buys "sugar free cookies" and thinks she's being virtuous.

Protip: There is no such thing as sugar free cookies or cake if they contain flour. Worse yet, typically these "sugar free" cookies/cake are "NOT a reduced calorie food."

Utterly useless. You'd do better to eat those 100 calorie cookie packs. The only cookie that I've seen that would qualify as "SF" were meringue cookies. They had zero net carbs. I wish I could find them again.

Starches = complex carbohydrates
Sugars = simple carbohydrates

When the body digests complex carbohydrates, it breaks them down to simple carbohydrates, i.e. sugars. With that understanding, a handful of rice is basically a handful of sugar. Even brown rice does not have enough fiber to justify unregulated consumption.

Fiber is not absorbed by the body, so is the only truly safe carb to eat with impunity. You can minus the grams of fiber from the carb total to arrive at the "net carb". (I'm leaving sugar alcohols out of this post.) So, the diabetic should keep high fiber breads and the like in the diet. I'm not advocating a no-carb diet, just a reduced carb diet for diabetics. Cake should be an extremely infrequent treat. There's plenty of tasty low carb/sugar treats out there that shouldn't be such a hardship. Thank the blessed Noodly Appendage for Splenda and Dreamfields Pasta. Seriously. I'd have hated being pre-diabetic in the 70's.

ANYWAY, I think the NPR piece this morning was beneath them in quality. Sorry, I had to rant.
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