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Love is in the Air...

We jokingly refer to Jack and Lulu as the other married couple in the house. Jack is somewhat curmudgeonly, but somehow allows Lulu's advances. Jack and Penelope have an adversarial relationship, or did until Sasha joined our household. Jack and Penelope sorta have a truce going on in the face of the small black menace, a.k.a. Sasha. I mean, how can you bully the gray one when the black one might jump your ass at any time?

BTW, Penelope brought down another bird this weekend. Per our knowledge, it's
Penelope - 3
Neighborhood Birds - 0

You'd think Penelope would have justly earned some pecks on her back, but she is unmarked. During my childhood, we had a cat who received some pecks on his back that drew blood. And he never actually brought any bird down.

I'm using the Penelope icon because I don't have any pics of her this time. Anyway, here's some pics of feline love.

Lulu and Jack, hanging out butt to head. Jack wouldn't allow that sort of closeness with the other two girls.
From Cats

Jack and Lulu sleeping next to the sliding glass door. Lulu is getting the best of the sunbeams, of course.
From Cats

Jack was drinking out of the bathroom sink and Lulu was just hanging around.
From Cats

Now for a change of subjects. Jack is Cliff's boy. So, Cliff was perturbed that Sasha would jump his ass. He acted annoyed with Sasha. However, he couldn't hold out against the power of her cute.

Jack won't be a lap cat, but Sasha sorta will be. Cliff was bound to adore her, even if she gave his boy a hard time sometimes.
From Cats

From Cats

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