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Sugar Free Meringue Cookies

I ranted awhile back that most cookies aren't sugar free because they contain flour. I pointed out flour=carb=sugar and so forth. Anyway, I mentioned the only sugar free cookie would be meringue cookies made without sugar. cschick and jood graciously responded with recipes and a place to find them for sale online.

I ended up making this recipe, doubled. I liked this recipe because it called for a flavored SF syrup, which I usually have many. I used SF Almond syrup because I was out of Toasted Marshmallow.

I made the cookies because the girls were coming over today. I don't think the cookies were very almondy, but they were a hit. They tasted buttery, though nothing in the recipe would suggest that. I was pleased how they came out. Really, a double batch was overkill, but I didn't trust that only 4 egg whites would yield as many cookies as advertised. I've never before made anything meringue, so that's my inexperience talking.

The cookies were kinda pearlescent. They were quick to crumble if picked up by the tip. They had a little bit of a sweetner aftertaste, which is why I'd like to see how a single batch turns out. But overall, I'm happy with the recipe.
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