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Mammogram, etc.

I had my first mammogram yesterday. I'd been warned by friends and whatnot that the process would squeeze and stretch my boobies to discomfort. I was a bit nervous, if only because uncomfortable medical procedures are uncomfortable. I hate getting MRI's. Ultrasounds of my neck and chest were surprisingly unpleasant. The ultrasounds weren't exactly very painful, but the techs involved seemed to think they had to push the thingy/sensor as hard into me as possible.

So yeah, I went in with a bit of trepidation. However, I'm relieved to say the trepidation was unfounded. The mammogram machine was digital which according to the tech made the process more pleasant. If you are shy even around a female medical professional, then being topless in an examining room and having said woman handle your boobs might bother you. As for the actual compression part, I didn't feel overly squeezed and stretched. Nothing hurt. Getting my teeth x-rayed is more uncomfortable in my book. (I have a small mouth and the corners of the metal things they use gouge me.)

Plus, the bonus of the machine being digital was I got to see the photos after we were done. The photos were cool to look at. You could see veins and the tech pointed out what was actual breast physiology (milk ducts, etc.) and what was fat and even where the chest wall began.

It's funny, but I've been inadvertently putting this off for over 2 years. I kept losing the paperwork. When I had my stroke, I had the paperwork for the 2nd time and it got lost in the flood of the stroke paperwork. I went to gynecologist this time with the goal of getting a mammogram. Mission accomplished. :)

Next week, I'm going to have a colonoscopy. I've had a camera down my throat to look at my heart, so I'm guessing a colonoscopy won't be too bad other than the prep for it. The prep has the potential for unpleasantness, but I won't prejudge too much.
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