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Some of my co-workers are just too SPECIAL. And when I say SPECIAL, I mean the kind of special that just irritates the heck out of me. A rather unpleasant special that has nothing to do with supposed diminished capabilities--unless we're talking personality-wise.

Sometimes I think I could write a Winnie The Pooh type book about office life. You've got Rabbits, Piglets, Eeyores, Owls and the occasional Pooh Bear. I don't think I'd dare to label myself a Pooh Bear, but perhaps I could pretend to be Christopher Robin.

J is a coworker that is blend of Rabbit and Piglet. She is part of the facility management office, dealing with work orders and communicating with the housecleaning staff, etc. As a part-rabbit, she's quite the know-it-all in a way that Owl is not.

An outside group used the Director's boardroom and left 3 tables and duct tape on the carpet, some of which left a residue. J sees this and decides that we need to have a contract with people who use this room....oh, see how awful this all is...we should CHARGE them for DAMAGE!!! Oh! Call them now! Tell them how simply awful they are!

"O.K.," I tell her. "So I admonish them for the tape and tables, but have you talked to A about the tape? Surely he knew about it."

J gets flustered and agrees we should talk to A about the tape.

A is our our A/V guy. He's been sheparding this meeting. We approach him, and he says that he told them to buy the tape to protect wires being run across the floor. If there's residue, he knows of a certain product that would take 5 minutes to get the tape residue out. A is so nonchalant and unbothered, that it takes the wind out of J's sails. I struggle not to laugh at poor J who seems crestfallen that somebody isn't going to be scolded mightily.

Even more to J's dismay, I call the group to remove their tables while J watches. The group is extremely apologetic and will have the tables removed within the hour!

J complains to me that she already asked some of the facility guys to move the tables and now they'll be mad when she cancels the order.

Excuse me while I find the world's smallest violin. If J had talked to me and A before wasting her afternoon on useless tasks and demanding vengeance on the evol outside group, J could have saved herself all sorts of unhappiness. BAH!

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