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The Recession Comes Home

Cliff got laid off yesterday. His company cut 21 jobs, mostly in the Houston office but a few in Dallas. His office maybe has 100 employees. Cliff's supervisor got laid off, too. Cliff gets a 5-week severance package plus his accumulated vacation. Then, of course, he's eligible for unemployment.

Last time he was out of work (mid 2001-early 2003), it was a looong 2 years. I think we're in better shape this time. He's got more marketable skills and I make 10K more than back then. Last time, there was no severance and no unemployment. Of course, last time we didn't have a car payment and the mortgage payment was less before we refinanced the house last year. The last payment for the car note is January.

I hope Cliff can find a job soon, but we can't be sure. But we've done this before and Cliff makes an excellent housewife! Cliff is bummed, but the house will be cleaner than ever. Though, he might have to switch to Claritin D since he'll be home with the kitties every day.

Still, this sucks.
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