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Word of the Day: Noticeable

I have realized over the last two weeks that my right side is still weaker than my left side in the wake of my stroke a year and a half ago. I don't think it's noticeable in normal day to day activities. It's not noticeable during my walks. What made the last two weeks different is that I spent a little time on some exercise equipment.

Two weekends ago, I did a 5 minute stint on Kim's elliptical machine. The next day, when going down stairs on my walk, I had slight soreness in my right thigh. Nothing major, just noticeable. At the time, I just made fun of myself that doing so little had a lingering effect. I didn't dwell on it.

Last weekend, I did some arm pulls on Lynda's little home gym thingie. My left arm handled the pulls just fine. My right arm was demonstratively weaker. After maybe a dozen pulls, my right arm shook with the effort.

I guess I'm trying to decide if this weakness is really an issue. Though, I will admit that its existence bothers me now that I know about it. If I had access to equipment at my house, I'd be working on strength exercises targeting my right side. However, I'm not going to join a gym or buy equipment. I guess I could look for exercises I can do by myself.

I think what's really bothering me is that it's the stroke rearing its ugly head. Other than pills and messier handwriting, I kinda thought that I was basically done with it. This pops up and makes me realize that the effects of the stroke are hanging on in the background, whether I want to acknowledge it or not.
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