Binah (binah1013) wrote,

I Need Happy Fluff, Methinks

I'm listening to Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri on my commute. It's a book of short stories. What seems to be a common thread, other than the children of Indian immigrants marrying Caucasian Americans with all the cultural compromise that implies, is the pervading malaise of all the marriages portrayed. All last week it was all about how parents' arranged marriages were essentially genial, but loveless. The children's love marriages were on fine on the surface (most of 'em, at least), but underneath somewhat unsatisfying.

Then, the weekend came and we watched Waitress on HBO on Demand. ARRG. Waitress is fine enough movie, but again it was all about less than satisfying marriages. In the titular role, Keri Russell plays a woman in a decidedly unhappy marriage with an unhappily unexpected pregnancy. The people around her also make marriage seem bleak. The movie ends on a relatively happy note, but it certainly is no endorsement of marriage.

I also happen to be watching Six Feet Under. Last night, I watched the S3 season opener. There is one relatively healthy marriage on SFU, but SFU is littered with flawed marriages and relationships.

Granted, I've seen my share of unhappy marriages in my life. I'm not saying these artistic endeavors are unrealistic or bad. However, happy marriages are not a myth. I guess happy marriages don't make for good drama. But damn, I think I need some happy fluff.

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