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Facebook and Twitter have been stealing my time away from LJ. By the time I think of writing an entry, I've already posted the one liner seeds for a post on Twitter.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, but it seems I decided on Torchwood. I thought it would be more wide ranging, but there you have it.

I finally watched Torchwood: Children of Earth.

I hear TW fans are enraged about CoE, but I thought it was good drama. Sometimes I think fandom detracts from the experience of a TV show. It seemed to be the case of Battlestar Gallactica, where many avid fans hated a solid finale because a character's swan song wasn't what they wanted.

Ianto dies in the line of duty and it's poignant. I cried. Ianto fears Jack will forget him and Jack probably will mostly. It's sad to think you'll be at best a footnote in the life of the person you love. Even the Doctor is downright ephemeral compared to what awaits Jack. What would it take to stand out in a life that spans millions of years and countless lovers?

More horrors await Jack. He is killed often and painfully. He is forced to kill his grandson in a really unpleasant fashion with his daughter in the next room screaming. At the end, he runs off and abandons Earth. I can't say I blame him, but DAMN. These episodes really reminded me that Torchwood ain't for the kiddies. It was 5 days of death and horror.

It's hard to imagine that Torchwood will continue. As is, Torchwood seems to be defunct. The writers have kinda turned Jack into the new!Who Doctor, with the severe emo quasi-immortality and commitment issues. Now that Jack has gone off-planet, will he return in a time frame that will allow Gwen to participate? Or if Torchwood ever returns, will it be with a whole new group around Jack.

I was reminded while watching CoE that Rose did that to Jack. Rose cursed him with an undying life that even the Doctor can't undo. Is the Bad Wolf's legacy only death and horror? As a Rose fan, it makes me sad. That's not what she would have wished for him.

Ten's final episodes should be interesting. Usually Doctor Who is about hope. I wonder if RTD will go back to that or end his DW reign on a downbeat as well. I hope he goes with hope. He's gone with depressing and downbeat since the end of DW S2. It would be nice to see David Tennant go out on a high note.
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