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Shoulda known...

J "forgot" to tell the facility guys to cancel the order to move the tables from the boardroom. Imagine that. Guess they don't have to be mad at her anymore.

Outside group guy comes to boardroom and I open it to find no extra tables! Ahh, J, you piss me off! I go hunt down J who luckily is at her desk.

"But the tables were downstairs in the lobby!" J exclaims.

"Then how come the security guard down there didn't know that?" I ask.

Ahh, the scurrying begins as I try to lead the guy back down to the lobby and J tries to figure out where the tables are.

All came to a good end, but not without it being more trouble than was needed. On the up side, J did kinda admit she ended up making things more difficult than they needed to be.

Yes. Yes, you did J. Ahh, I didn't say that. I'm much more diplomatic than that. Evilness lies in my heart, but does not often make it to my lips. At least not at work.

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