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Walking, Body Awareness & Stroke

This summer I've been suffering from heel pain. I've actually been suffering a little knee pain as well, but a prescription of Celebrex kept it from affecting my walk schedule. However, the heel pain broke through the Celebrex and disrupted my walking schedule for about 2-3 weeks. It maybe wouldn't have lasted that long, but I only stopped my morning walk and kept to my afternoon walks with a co-worker and didn't rest my heel completely. I didn't want to risk getting out of the habit of exercise. Even after 2 years of walking, it seems all too easy to lose the habit.

I diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis after lengthy consulting of the intarwebs about 4-6 weeks ago. I still think the diagnosis is probably correct and was probably touched off by walking in shoes that should have been long retired. I think there were other issues, but that was the spark. The pain is ~*slowly*~ subsiding, so I don't think I have a bone spur.

The right foot is the one with plantar fasciitis. Anything connected with my right side automatically makes me wonder if my stroke is involved somehow. I already noticed that even though I seem 99.5% recovered from my stroke, there is a subtle strength difference between my left and right side. Nothing obvious, but if put to the test...

Pain makes one closely observe how the body is actually functioning. I noticed that my two feet walk differently in shoes. My sandal wants to slide outward from underneath my right foot. That has made me suspect that my right foot might need arch support. I'm walking in shoes that have slightly more arch support, but I need to go to a fancy sports shoe store and get fitted. I think my right (but not my left) foot is pronated (foot rolls inward when I walk). I really have no idea if my right foot always did that, or whether it's a lost strength issue from my stroke.

Speaking of strokes, an employee from the the department next door had a stroke last Thursday. She's a bit more age appropriate for a stroke than I was, but still only in her 50's. She had her stroke in the evening, but her son didn't take her to the hospital until the next morning. That detail made me wince. That's too late to get the clot-busting drug tPA. I really feel that tPA reduced the damage and made my recovery quicker. I wish her a speedy recovery. I know she's got a lot ahead of her.

Next month, on October 21, will be the second anniversary of my stroke. I just listened to the voice post I made in November after my stroke. How glad am I that speaking is not that hard anymore? Very!
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