Binah (binah1013) wrote,

A Follow-Up to my Plantar Fasciitis Post

I had spoken a bit prematurely about my plantar fasciitis slowly getting better. I should always hesitate with the glowing optimism until the end of the week. I went to the doctor and he cursorily looked at my foot and I got a small 3 day prescription for prednisone after I said Celebrex wasn't doing the trick. He recommended some basic stuff I'd already read on Google. He didn't examine how I walk or ponder any causes. He just recommended a heel cup, which I had already done. Well, I take it back, he did recommend freezing a water bottle and rolling it under my foot. I wasn't already doing that.

Sigh. I'm on the last day of the prednisone and it's calmed the heel pain quite a bit, but not completely. I'm definitely going back on the Celebrex when I finish. I have nearly a month's supply at home. Until the pain goes away, I will be taking whatever I have access to. I won't mourn the end of the prednisone despite its higher efficacy because it's supposed to raise blood glucose. I haven't been testing my blood lately, I must admit. I should probably test tonight and see how it has affected my blood sugar.

I don't know if I have unrealistic expectations of what doctor-patient interaction should be, but it seems that I'm not impressed by the most of doctors I've seen. My gynecologist is the shining exception to that rule. I've never felt like a number or just another chore in her office. Most doctors, especially my PCP, seem to be a speed bump to the pharmacy.
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