Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Walking and Shoes

I always have the best (read: most intense) walks on Monday mornings. It's usually Tuesday that the pain seems to get in the way. Though my Monday afternoon walk gave a pretty good preview of what Tuesday might bring. I'm currently rolling a frozen water bottle under my heel.

Cliff and I went to Foot Solutions on Friday and spent quite a bit. Cliff insisted that I get custom orthotic shoe inserts for my birthday. The walking shoes were more than I'm used to paying for any type of shoe, but they felt like walking on pillows. They didn't have wide, so they had to be special ordered. I'll be getting the shoes when the orthotic inserts arrive. I wish I already had them.

It was fun to have my feet analyzed. Two different machines were used and I had to walk for the Foot Solutions guy to see if I pronate or supinate. I do neither for the record. When I stood on the machine that measured where I put the most weight/pressure, my right foot looked like a severe thunderstorm on Doppler radar with all the reds and yellows. My left foot was more sedate with more browns and blues, though, not without its own share of reds and yellows.

It was a little bit surprising to learn I have somewhat high arches. I didn't think I had "flat feet", but still. My right foot has a higher arch than the left per the machines.

I'm getting the orthotics for both feet. I don't think doing one foot was even an option. I'm hoping that the one for my left foot will help with my left knee. I was taking Celebrex originally for the knee. The knee was getting a bit chronic and I can still feel the occasional twinge, though Celebrex does do a decent job of squelching the pain. I still get tight calves, even though I stretch before walking.

I'm hoping doing all this will fix my various aches and pains while walking. Heck, grocery shopping will get my feet to aching. The Foot Solutions guy said I should wear the inserts all the time, but only my walking shoes will have the removable sole at first. I plan on taking my walking shoes home for grocery trips and eventually buying other shoes with removable soles.

So, I'm hoping this is going to be a happy ending to all of this bother.
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