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Rant About RL Friends

I have a very non-internet friend named Lynda that I see about 3 times a month with another friend (Kim). Like me, she has been overweight for as long as I've known her. However, she was thin in her younger years. The thing is whereas I know exactly where the fault lies and therefore don't go on and on about it, she constantly moans about her weight. Dutifully, Kim and I make helpful suggestions and Lynda nods and occasionally says, "I guess," or makes some excuse about how she needs to buy something first. We repeat this ritual more and more often as the years go on. It's gotten much worse in the wake of my stroke and subsequent weight loss of ~30lbs due to physical activity and a low carb diet. I guess my constant smaller fatass-ness state spurs her discontent.

I think we've had the piss or get off the pot discussion before, but perhaps maybe the message sunk in this time. We let her know that she frustrates us when she does this. Maybe I'm being unduly optimistic. She was going on about how she needs a VHS machine in her barely used "exercise room" so she could use the exercise tapes her sister in law gave her. Lynda has a VHS player in her LIVING ROOM and does not go to work. It's not like she lacks time and opportunity. She does have bad knees, but even so, she expends more energy bitching about her weight than actually doing something about it.

The fact this discussion seems to dominate most of our get-togethers lately is annoying. I'm not sure if Lynda just wants to make everything about her or she thinks she's just venting. Lynda isn't the brightest bulb, but a little self awareness would be nice.

I'm beginning to think that part of the aging process for some is a deepening sense of self absorption. Lynda is only in her mid-50's, but I've seen it in others. All I've got to say is that I will be on the look out for such trait in myself in 15-20 years and try to avoid it.


ETA: I try to look out for signs of self absorption now. Not implying only old people get self absorbed.

I had to double check the spelling of absorb and absorption. I suppose English abhors the letter combination of "bt". No, that's not right because we have debt. I give up. I just thought that was interesting little thing.
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