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I talked to Eeyore today. Sure she looked like any other woman, but I really think it was a belligerent Eeyore in drag.

Everybody is out to get her. Everyone is incompetent, except you when you talk to her. I'm sure I'm one of the incompetent, when she bitches to whoever about the admin floor. 'Cause she's ALWAYS bitching about something. We're all out to make everything as irritating, difficult and uncaring as possible. We're heartless fools, looking to do everything as inefficiently as possible. Even the insititution is out to get you in her estimation.

Sometimes I think I'm cynical, but damn if Eeyore doesn't have me beat by a country mile.

I'm thinking it has to be tiring to live that way. Just being polite (pretending to care) and nodding at the appropriate places to her rant is tiring. I wonder if she realizes no one on the admin floor takes her complaints seriously anymore.

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