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Salon and some cool t-shirts

I have a subscription to I have never regretted it. One feature I particularly enjoy these days is their War Room. It's kinda like ABCNews' The Note, only from more of the left perspective. I suppose it's their offical blog. It's always interesting and often fun to read.

Anyway, today they gave a heads up to a website I hadn't heard of before. Designs on the Whitehouse is a website about a contest to design a t-shirt that was anti-Bush or pro-Kerry. There were actually a few categories that folks competed in. The finalists are here.

A couple of my favorites were:
"I was the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy and all I got was this lousy president."

And: "Arrest me, hold me without reason, refuse me legal counsel, tap my phone, read my email, search my house and seize my belongings and harass my family and friends. Am I a patriot now?"

In all honesty, Kerry doesn't excite me but he doesn't scare me either. He seems like an intelligent man who will actually run his own White House. I think he can repair our international reputation and delouse our gov't of those power-mad, insane neocons that cater to the psycho religious right. And regardless of whether I think Kerry is exciting, like Dean was to many, I think he'll at least turn this bus around.

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