February 12th, 2004

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We shall overcome...

Well, Bush now says he supports an Constitutional Amendment to specify marriage as between a man and a woman.  Supposedly, this Amendment would not block civil unions for gays.  However, legal experts have said it very well could.

To me it seems we're living in the 1960's again and we're going through another civil rights struggle.  The Religious Right are wearing the white hoods this time 'round and we don't have a President Kennedy with the vision to realize the Jim Crow supporters will be seen as on the wrong side of history in the future. 

Did you know that during and before the Civil War that Southern slave owners used the Bible to justify slavery?  'Tis true.  In Genesis 9:25, Noah curses his son Ham to a life of servitude to his brethren.  And the descendants of Ham through interpretation had been identified as the black Africans.  You can google it for tons of references about this.

Of course the Bible says you shouldn't eat ham (not even Noah's son, I'd bet) and that masturbation is bad. I think most Christians don't approve of slavery, eat ham and get bizzy with themselves without feeling sinful.  Why do we get all this cherry-picking of Biblical thought?  It seems like the Bible can be whatever anybody wants it to be.  You can use it to support whatever prejudice you have. 

The one thing social conservatives have correct is that there is a cultural war going on.  I can only hope they lose.
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