February 17th, 2004

Lady Gaga by Jordana

Thoughts on the Dark Tower and Roland

I've been listening to The Dark Tower series by Stephen King on CD in my car. I'm near the end of Book II: The Drawing of the Three. Years ago, I read the first three books, and somehow stalled out on Wizards and Glass. Now that there's another book out, I thought I'd like to catch back up. I got the first 2 books on CD for Xmas, but only recently started playing them in the car.

ANYWAY, I've been enjoying revisiting the series. Soo, I'm sitting in traffic listening to Roland the Gunslinger observe our world of wonder that has lost its wonder and realize if these books were ever filmed that I know who should play Roland.

Robert Patrick.

Now THAT's a role, he'd be perfect for, IMHO. I never really enjoyed him as Doggett in XF, mainly because he was the opposite of what I enjoyed in XF. The Geek Factor. Mulder and Scully were huge geeks, no matter how cute they were. The LGM, Pendrell and all their little helpers were geeks. Skinner wasn't really a geek, but dammit, he was in 'Nam and kinda got the whole 'there's something out there' vibe. And bald with wirerim glasses? Oh yeah, it worked for me. Reyes was kinda geeky, but by that time I had already decided XF:TNG wasn't for me.

I think that's why I always liked Buffy and Angel. Loads of geekiness!

Robert Patrick as The Gunslinger. If you've read the books, I think you'll agree. In my mind, I can see Mr. Patrick costumed up as Roland and it fits.
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