March 12th, 2004

Lady Gaga by Jordana

I finally did my topic!

The ever so wonderful Sybil asked me to do a topic at Haven Camp this week on multimedia in fanfic. She asked me early, like Monday morning. We had a lovely telephone conversation. Yet now it is Friday. I kinda suck. I'd totally suck if I never did it, but Friday is pretty close to being sucky.

Now, I was very busy on Monday. Tuesday..I'm not sure what happened to Tuesday. Hmm, maybe Ms. Thang author happened Tuesday. I wanted to use a certain author's site to discuss and it was down. I emailed her through the Haven interface, as she didn't seem to have a PM button. I didn't even know you could turn off that option. Live and learn, eh? Anyways, I know I waited two days for her to eventually tell me not to use her site. Ms. Thang has no love for Ms. Sybil methinks. Color me surprised. :P

Thursday, I was busy at work and sleepy when I got home. I wanted to do my topic Thursday night, but my brain said NO! I wouldn't have felt too sucky if I got it out last night. Alas, I now have dipped my toes in suckage.

Soooo, I finally wrote my topic this morning. It was really long and discussed a number of sites and some attendant issues. I think the topic is interesting. ::shrug:: Hopefully the length doesn't scare people off from discussing it. There are tons of cool websites out there in XF fandom. Oh plenty of sucky ones too, but on the average we're a fairly stylish group.
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