April 1st, 2004

Lady Gaga by Jordana

April Fools, Opposite Day and Zen --to be read in the opposite order

"The willow is green; flowers are red." --Zen Saying

"The flower is not red, nor is the willow green." --Zen Saying

Sometimes I think Zen is all about being contrary for the hell of it.  I bet a Zen Buddhist would love the American childhood concept of "Opposite Day".  You could ponder deeply upon what I imagine is a perception question, but surely there are better roads to enlightenment.  I like my Zen with more eye-winking wit. 

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show was telling his audience last week about Dubya's glowing letter to Richard Clarke, when Clarke retired.  Jon's talented graphics people showed the supposed bottom of the letter reading "P.S. It's Opposite Day!"  Heh.

Somehow I've mentally linked the concept of Opposite Day to April Fools Day.  Perhaps it's the concept that you're socially allowed to deceive if tied to one of these 'Days'.  Google, Gossamer, Ephemeral and others are enjoying their jests.  They've been fun this year, 'cause I knew to expect them!  I'm not so good with practical jokes otherwise.