May 18th, 2004

Lady Gaga by Jordana

Getting Chinese Visas, huh?

Never let it be said that I don't have the occasional somewhat interesting thing to do at work. I have to obtain a Chinese Visa for the Director. And since this meeting is right after a meeting in Paris, he is flying from Paris to Beijing. Well, through Amsterdam (Schiphol), but that's just a stone's throw away. Gotta love those round-the-world trips. Hell, the airlines actually give you a price break when you do R-T-W itineraries. Only $6000, first class. Hell, it can cost over $7500 to go round-trip first class from Houston to Paris.

Do I ever get to go anywhere cool? Hell no! I swear that man has been everywhere. I guess I don't need to mention that this isn't his first visit to either Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing or Tokyo? Bah! It sucks to be jealous of such an ass of a man.

I wanna go somewhere mondo cool. My husband is a on a contract right now, so he doesn't get vacation time. We think that his company will pick him up as a full-time employee (a REAL EMPLOYEE) sometime this year. We'd still have to wait 6 months before he was eligible for vacation time. Though he would get 2 weeks for his first year after only 6 months, which isn't too bad for American standards. (I can hear the Europeans laughing their asses off right now...)

In October, I plan to visit my friend Gizzie in Pittsburgh probably sans husband, though he'd go if he could. A bunch of former ATXF'ers will be getting together for too much fun. Before my husband got this contract, I didn't think I could go. But things have changed for the better Pittsburgh may not be the most glam locale, but it has Giz and will have lots of good friends and good times. I'm looking forward to it.
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