September 7th, 2004


Weekend stuff, for the most part

I love this website:

If I wasn't such a lazyass, it would seriously inspire me.

I did so little over the weekend. We went out to dinner on Friday and did some DVD and book shopping. We sat around the house on Saturday waiting for the stove to arrive, and then for the handymen who were supposed arrive before the stove. While waiting, we watched Chicago on cable. We enjoyed it. I chuckled over the fact that almost all the characters were not good people. Except for Roxie's husband that is, and though sweet he was a chump. Ahh well. Cliff was surprised he liked it. Usually testosterone interferes with the enjoyment of a musical, I've been led to believe.

I made dinner on the new stove Saturday evening. And as I was finishing dinner, I stepped on a piece of glass that must have been under the old stove. Dramatic amounts of blood escaped my foot, but honestly it didn't hurt very much. Cliff tended my wound! I think he was more upset than I was.

On Sunday, I invited the girls over and I cooked for them. We watched O Brother Where Art Thou. Loved the music and enjoyed the story. Definite thumbs up.

Monday? God, Monday passed away like water through our fingers. We watched Paycheck. Not a bad movie, but the set design SUCKED. For a futuristic theme like that, it should have had a style to match. Certain scenes reminded me of an 80's Sci Fi movie. No style. And somehow they made Uma Thurman look fairly plain. Basically it was a cool concept with lackluster execution. And even though I tend not to think badly of Ben Affleck, this movie did not play to his strenghs.
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font ho

Confessions of a font ho

When it comes to fonts, I have no ethics. I should feel shame, but $99 for a commercial font? Ahh, let's just say I'm cheap.

I'm sure you've heard of stream of consciousness writing, but I engage in stream of consciousness surfing. Somehow I started at LiveJournal and ended up at the messageboard at

There was a tres amusing thread on the Google font. The thread starts out with somebody asking for the font. Someone replied that it was the catull font, but it's a commercial font. A third someone declares she has it and if you reply with your email, she'll send it to you.

Enter Jay Z Ray (or something like that). Jay rails against the offerer and against the next 9 pages of folks replying with their email. Font ho that I am, I keep reading waiting for someone to provide a link so *I* can have the font. Finally, on page 8, I am rewarded!

At some Portuguese website, the font is available to download. Yay! Jay's righteous indignation at software piracy pricks at my consciousness, but my font ho-ishness allows me to ignore him.

Irony of ironies? The Google font, while pretty, only looks like it does when written in "Google". The lower-case g's are distinctive, but otherwise you'd never recognize it as the Google font. Still, I don't regret it 'cause it is a pretty serif font and again, I'm a font ho.
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