September 14th, 2004

font ho

Font Run #91404

I like to visit the Creative Messageboard (, not for the collages or other fannish things that go on there. I go there 'cause they have a folder devoted to fonts. Fonts, fonts, fonts. Not always the most active folder, but usually worth a visit at least once a month. If you can put up with somebody asking for the Scriptina or Porcelain font for the gazillionth time, it's a worthy stop for a font ho.

The Creative Fonts MB doesn't seem to exhibit the same "software piracy" morals as the aforementioned party pooper Jay dude from Oh no, if somebody wants a commercial font, usually some ever-so-helpful poster knows where you can find it for free. Ahh, it's like Napster before the RIAA noticed them. It's beautiful.

Anyway, the Font MB is a great place to start a font-acquiring spree. Over the weekend, I went on spree spurred by a request. Someone wanted the Petra Script, a commercial font. I put the image of my new acquisitions behind the cut, you'll notice Petra Script is there.
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