December 9th, 2004

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Remembering the Spoiler Whore Days...

I'd almost forgotten the joys of being a spoiler whore. Back in the day (when I was a Betty! [insert winkie here]!), I was a super kingkong kameha-meha biatch--I mean spoiler whore for XF. Good times. Well, crazy times too.

I was cruising an Enterprise forum and found a whopper of a spoiler. Juicy stuff. Stuff that makes you happy to be a spoiler whore. On this one forum (, they've come up with a smart little feature. They have created a spoiler tag [sp][/sp]that works basically like invisotext at AICN. To accomodate the alternating colors of posts, the [sp] creates a black background with black text with a white border. They should have created this tag eons ago. However, a spoiler-heavy thread looks like a blacked out gov't document. And people are so evil with the leading comments.

Oh, well doesn't THAT explain EVERYTHING Blah, blah, blah. Blah-ditty blah!!!
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Spoilers are fun! Well, when you like them. Crappy spoilers suck. Such is the Spoiler Rollercoaster of Love.