April 3rd, 2005

Lady Gaga by Jordana

Lazy Sunday

At nearly 11am, I am still in my nightgown and puttering about on the 'puter. I'm downloading the latest episode of Doctor Who (at http://www.btefnet.net/ - waves to mojober), doing an LJ entry (obviously) and resetting clocks about the house. I made coffee for my beloved and am currently drinking a glass of ice tea (white pear). Cliff is reading political cartoons. Meet the Press is all about the Pope, so we're not too interested in the topic today. Cliff is making jokes that the Pope is just "regenerating" right now. (Doctor Who joke).

Today we will celebrate my friend Lynda's birthday. She requested that we take her out for Tex-Mex. I'm kinda guessing we'll go to Pappacito's, but that's not a given. She couldn't decide on a restaurant last time we met. I called her about half an hour ago, but nobody answered. Yes, I know the time change means that it only feels like 9:30-10am, but dang it, she should be up! Heh. Well, I don't really believe THAT, but the woman has a knack for calling us at strange times. She called our house one weekend before 9am, which is a dangerous proposition. She's lucky we both happened to be up then. And she's called us after 10pm which is a less dangerous proposition, but IIRC, she definitely interrupted sumptin'. IYKWIM, AITYD.

So, I guess I'm going to try to call Lynda again soon. Apologize for not calling on her actual birthday (April 1), which I really meant to do. I remembered, yet somehow did not follow through. I hate that. We'll probably lunch at 2pm, and I'll get her a gift certificate from Catherine's and BD card along the way and enjoy some fajitas with her.