May 11th, 2005


Crummy TV stuff

It's official. AICN is announcing that Carnivale has been cancelled. Bah. I really had hope. I sent a disappointed email to HBO, but since I'm not cancelling HBO I'm sure they don't care. Was going to check out Six Feet Under on DVD, but my small little protest will be not to buy any HBO DVDs.

Speaking of hope being extinguished, I really hate the so-called finale for ST:Enterprise. I know the plot and have seen about 15 minutes of clips from it. Hate it, hate it, wouldn't want to date it. Extra bah! They set a ship to sail and then they sink it in the last ep among other sins--including killing my favorite character in a fashion uncomfortably reminiscent of Tasha Yar. Though I'll be honest to admit that the ship business pisses me off the most.

The S4 showrunner Manny Coto that has made this season good is jumping to 24. Good on him, I say. He deserves to be rewarded. It's a shame he wasn't in charge of the finale. Berman and Braga were the masterminds behind the finale. Bastards. Do you smell that? Yeah, it's bitterness.

Gah, this is why I am so wary of getting involved with TV shows--haven't watched Veronica Mars, Lost, 24 or probably any of the other shows the cool kids are watching. Give me Mythbusters or a one-off documentary any day. They aren't going to get me involved and then break my little TV-watching heart.

Though, speaking of reality shows, I recently found out that America's Next Top Model is basically rigged. The winner is chosen from the beginning and the rest of the pack are kept or discarded on the basis of their "storylines". Judging is stage-managed. When you are told this is a model's "best shot", it's really the shot that best suits their purposes. If you are to be eliminated, they'll pick a crappy shot or they'll get on your "attitude".

Since the winner of this cycle is my favorite, I'm not too upset about her winning. However, what is the point in rooting for contestants? It certainly puts a new spin on watching it. On the TWOP messageboards, one eagle eye made an astute observation. You know that group shot of the models at the beginning and end of the show and when a girl get eliminated she fades away? One of the girls who is "still in the running" is posed in such a way that if the girl in front of her gets eliminated, then she'll have a Janet Jackson moment. Whoops! Only not whoops! of course. I'm guessing the next cycle's group shot will be more carefully stage-managed this time.