June 6th, 2005


You would think

...that if there were any fandom that embraced tolerance as a whole, it would be Star Trek. Ahh, but no. I was at a message board and somebody started a thread asking whether Enterprise should have had a gay character. The thread started out reasonably enough, but started to degenerate when someone asked, "Does every show have to have a gay character?" Not too awful a response I suppose, but I should have been more suspicious of the motives. When someone question the poster on his/her stance, the reply was...
I don't want gay characters poluting Star Trek. Explanation enough?

Ohh, that made my brain hurt. If only that bigot would have been the only one. Later in the thread is this charming response:
By Kirk's time, Homosexuality had been erradicated. Homosexuality is perversion. It goes against science, nature, *AND* religion. When they were wiping out diseases, they cured homosexuality as well.

Picard reinforces that line of thinking by saying that:

"All of Earth's ills have been delt with".

Star Trek doesn't have homosexuals because there aren't any.

AAARRRGGG! IDIC, folks, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations! Was it just the phasers that attracted you to the show??

Gods, that was depressing. I mean, they weren't ALL knuckle-dragging cave dwellers, but DAMN. There were too many. Though, if I could emotionally distance myself from the subject, I could be really amused that the bigots made comments such as:
Your Borg collective tries to get everyone to agree with them with pathetic labels such as "homophobe" and "bigot". Sticks and stones...
I just can't do it. I can't laugh at it. It's just too sad.