August 11th, 2005


Thursday Morning Hungries

I'm dumb! Well, really I think I'm hungry, but it's related. I brought shelled pistachios to work, thinking I'd snack on them later in the day or possibly eat most of the 8 oz. bag for lunch. They're a brand called austinuts, from Austin and they proudly proclaim they're FRESH!!1! Heh, like anybody advertises STALE! or BEST PRESERVATIVES ON EARTH!

Honestly, they don't taste all that out of the ordinary. Well, they *are* pistachios which automatically denotes a bit of specialness, but they're not the be-all of the pistachio world. I've had better. But the worst thing is that I can't seem to stay away from them! AARG! I don't even especially want them! Okay, I put them out of sight.

I shouldn't be surprised because during my drive to work, I kept thinking of all the food places I was passing. Evidently Ovaltine did not do the job this morning. I had visions of doughnuts and kolaches dancing in my head. I have no cash on me, so I was thinking I ought to buy a dozen doughnuts for the office and perhaps throw in some kolaches to make it worth using the checkcard. If I actually left my house in time for such a venture, I may have done it.

I even had fantasies of a bacon egg & cheese biscuit when I passed a McDonald's! Then I get here and somebody mentions Chipolte, and there my brain goes whizzing off to think of how nice one of their burritos would be right now and how I may make the long walk to go there for lunch.

Waaah! I guess I'll try work to forget my food fantasies. Oh Diet A&W Cream Soda, please help me! Help me to work and to forget...
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