September 12th, 2005

Strong Bad-Tally Ho

New Orleans folks at the Astrodome

As I may or may not have mentioned, I drive pass the Astrodome on the way to work every day. I mentally noted on the drive home on Friday that there were lots of folks taking a stroll down Main St. Definitely more than usual. Some with cell phones attached to their ears, sometimes singly and sometime in pairs. I'm pretty sure they're New Orleans folks.

I'm almost surprised I haven't seen more out sooner. After all, the inhabitants of the Dome are allowed to come and go and I gotta think that a change in scenery would be a pleasant thing. Plus, there's a Target nearby as well as other strip centers including restaurants, pharmacies, dollar stores, etc. I bet business is booming around there.

This morning, I think I saw my first NOLA jogger. He was an EXTREMELY buff black guy. I suspect he's a bodybuilder, 'cause he had those typical bodybuilder baggy pants and he certainly had the body. Hubba hubba!

One thing that gives away the NOLA people is that they dress better than the locals. The Astrodome area used to be an awful part of town, but in the last 5 years or so, there's been a rejunvenation of the area--including the building of the Reliant Center. I suspect in part it's because it's right next to the Medical Center area, so you had very poor and very affluent right next to each other. The poor are still there, but something had to give, I suppose.

Oh, and something else interesting I saw? A traffic alert sign that read, "NO DEBIT CARD DISTRIBUTION".