September 21st, 2005

FSM by Binah

Lovely Rita

I live in the Houston area, though on the dry SW side. I don't think I'll need to evacuate, but we'll see how things are going tomorrow night.

The medical school I work at closes today at 5pm to all non-essential personnel. Yay for being non-essential! Ironically, I was planning to take Friday off because I'm pushing my maximum vacation accrual and I'm going to start losing hours soon. Now I get the next two days off for free! Yayness!

This morning I considered all this Rita brouhaha as a massive over-reaction, after all, we don't know where it'll hit. It could hit Corpus Christi and spare Houston for the most part. I still think we're all on our toes due to Katrina.

However, looking at the radar this afternoon kinda stopped my eye-rolling. It's a hefty-sized storm and has increased to a category 5. And hell, Tropical Storm Allison made water leak into our master bath. Harrumph.

I guess sometime in the next two days we'll stock up on water and gas.