October 3rd, 2005

Lady Gaga by Jordana

I had a lovely birthday weekend

Sunday was my birthday (I turned 35), but I had a birthday weekend. On Saturday, I went to my parents house and we went to lunch and I received some earrings and some magnetic clasps for necklaces. I made sure to eat lightly, because my husband and I had plans to go out that night.

Our internet kinda got fixed Saturday afternoon. A Time Warner repair guy came and declared our cable modem had gone bad and installed a new one. Unfortunately, there also seems to be something wrong with either our router or our hub. So *I* have internet, but my husband does not. We may go out to get a new router very soon. Possibly tonight.

Saturday evening, we went to Fogo de Chao and and a lovely and delish time. After dinner we stopped by Home Depot to get new tub fixtures. We had a terrible leak in the master bathtub and we had called the plumber to come Sunday afternoon. We got the plumber to install the new tub faucet when he fixed our leak. The new faucet is pretty! Also, the water pressure is much better. Yay!

On Sunday, I went out to Cafe Caspian for Persian food with the girls and had a great time. Bath gels, gift certificates and marzipan made up my birthday booty! A very enjoyable afternoon.

Then I went back home to my considerate and wonderful husband...and the plumber. The plumber didn't end up leaving until 7pm. Also, the lawn people were there, so we had lots of people all over the place--especially since the girls were briefly over too.

Turning 35 isn't such a traumatic experience. Not like turning 30 was. Lord, I was bummed on that day. But 35 is a breeze. I doubt I'll feel that way about 40, but perhaps I should strive for that.

Then again, maybe 35 is a better age for me because I am more content in life than I was at 30. I'm married to a wonderful guy, we live in a nice little house and we're both gainfully employed in jobs that aren't half bad. It's a good life.