December 5th, 2005

Mary - Grail - get ON with it

War on Christmas?

I try to stay away from the extreme right-wingnuttia, but this whole "secular war on Christmas" is a steaming pile of horseshit. There is no war on Christmas except in the minds of people like Bill O'Reilly et al. I know these holier-than-thou people have nailed themselves to the cross years ago and have the part of professional victim down to a hypocritical art, but day-um. My eyes just roll out of my head. Like Christians in America are some sort of discriminated class. Yeah, right. Let's try it the other way around for the truth, hmm?

Oh! Clutch the pearls!

Personally, the arrogance inherent in "defense" of Christmas (like it was in DANGER) gets to me. Christmas isn't the only holiday around this time. And we're not ALL Christians. Why is it so terrible to acknowledge that? I don't understand what is supposed to be so offensive in the term "Happy Holidays"? Even ignoring Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc., I just thought it was just an easy way to include "Happy New Year" into the mix. I'm not sure "Happy Holidays" was even a "PC" invention in the first place. Perhaps someone can tell me differently.

Of course, it seems these days that common courtesy is considered "PC". Sure, there are examples worthy of ridicule. But it isn't all a liberal phenomenon. At my husband's company, you don't have a Halloween potluck, it's a Harvest potluck because there is one very devout Christian who objects to celebrating Halloween.

I'm agnostic, so I'm supposedly part of the war on Christmas. But I like Christmas. Wish me a "Merry Christmas" and I'll appreciate it. Then again, for me, Christmas isn't about celebrating Jesus' birth. It's a time of family and giving and being thankful for what I have. I, like many others of non-Christian faiths, appreciate Christmas for the bigger meaning it has.

I suppose this "bigger meaning" is what is so threatening to the Religious Right. Teh evol secularists and others are co-opting THEIR holy day, but not their faith. I think they ought to be flattered, but they aren't consulting me.

I bitch about this, but I'd guess this whole trumped up "War on Christmas" is just a cynical way to whip the Republican base up to a nice froth and make sure they continue to get out and vote.