December 8th, 2005

Harry Potter & Ferris Bueller by aidara

Shallow Moment - ANTM Cycle 5

America's Next Top Model finished Cycle 5 last night. The final eliminations went exactly as I hoped, so I'm pretty pleased. My favorite (Kim) was eliminated a couple shows ago, but I always liked Nicole. I would have been fine with Nik, but I think Nicole did better last night. Anybody but Bre (3rd place), though there were plenty of hate-worthy girls in this cycle (i.e. Jayla, Lisa for being insane, etc.).

Kim was an out and proud lesbian, so I didn't think she had a legitimate shot at winning. The winner gets a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl, as well as other goodies. I think Cover Girl is too conservative to have Kim as their spokesperson. To be fair, Kim was probably not the strongest model in the group, but she was the smartest (Weslayan grad) and most vivacious. She could be a very good spokesperson, and from all reports did a good job with her guest shot on Veronica Mars. Kim had won a challenge that got her that shot.

Another nice thing? Kim and Nicole were friends during the show. When Kim was eliminated, she was asked who thought she thought would be ANTM. Her answer? Nicole. AWWWW!

The winner.

My favorite.

Both at the wrap party last night.

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