February 9th, 2006


Snip, snip...

Jack was neutered yesterday. He seems to have taken it well and I was surprised to learn he's 6.9 lbs now. He was 4 lbs at the end of December. He was jumping up on couches and desks a few hours after taking him home, but not bitey-scratchy. The vet offered to implant a chip while he was anesthetised that could be read by most vets with a scanner . I went ahead and did it because Jack doesn't wear a collar. I just need to register Jack online.

Had an interesting conversation with the receptionist while filling out the form for Jack. One of the lines asks if I wanted pain meds to be prescribed after the operation. The receptionist said that males usually don't need it as the surgery is so minor. For females, it's usually suggested since their surgery is basically a hysterectomy. However, if a man brings in the animal, he'll usually check the box if it is for a male and won't if it is for a female. The receptionist said she's gotten into disagreements with men bringing in female animals before on this issue.

I told her I'd leave the medication issue up to the vet. If he felt Jack needed pain meds, then he could prescribe them.